Hello K-Friends!

If you know me in a personal level, you’ll most probably know that my mind is full of different ideas and desires waiting for its proper time to just come out and conquer my own little world. Or maybe I should say that I’m waiting for myself to really have the courage to just take hold of it and come out victorious in the end.

This Korean blog shows just one of the many things I am busy and passionate about in life. And of course, it will be sad if the others won’t be documented and shared, right?

I’d like to take you to my world of faith, life, love, music, fashion and adventure!


Life as a Teacher to Koreans #3: Field Trip Part 1

It is not challenging and difficult all the time. Honestly, it is full of fun and field trips, too!

During our SUMMER CAMP 2013, we had several field trips with our dear students wherein they were able to have a glimpse of the Filipino culture, visit places and experience new things which includes something that they hate — the heat! Ha!

FIRST STOP (all in Davao City, Philippines):

  1. Crocodile Park
  2. Tribu K’Mindanawan
  3. Butterfly Sanctuary


Dreaming an Old Korean Dream

For some time, I took a break from anything Korean. I focused on my career and on a mission which I really love — reaching out to the less privileged population particularly those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

And just a few weeks ago, my desire to learn the Korean language and study in Korea someday has once again filled my heart. So I wrote a poem which I translated in Korean *big thanks to my friends in Lang-8 for helping me out.

It has been so long and I could now barely remember

이젠 너무나 오래 되어서 기억이 잘 나지 않는다

That feeling of joy and wonder when I first wrote a letter

내가 처음으로 글자 하나를 썼을 때의 그 기쁨과 경이가

Something foreign and unfamiliar has become a part of me

무언가 이국적이고 낯선 것이 나의 일부분이 되었다

It’s sad that life happened and I forgot it temporarily

하지만 슬프게도 살면서 여러 가지 일이 생기고, 나는 그것을 잠시 잊었다

I look up and watch the stars at night shining so bright

나는 밤하늘을 올려다보고 밝게 빛나는 별들을 바라본다

Wishing that I would have the courage to fight

내가 싸울 용기를 갖게 되기를 바라며…

Wishing that it’s not yet too late to try

시도하기에 아직 너무 늦지 않았기를 바라며…

Dreaming an old dream

오래 된 꿈을 다시 꿈꾸며…

Praying it will come true tonight.

오늘 밤 그 꿈이 이루어지를 기도하며…


Life as a Teacher to Koreans #2

A year ago, I posted “Life as an English Teacher to Korean Students” and I guess it’s time to post a second part for such an interesting series. Right?

For some time in 2012, after graduating from college and coming back from Vietnam, I taught English to Koreans living in Metro Manila, mostly in Makati. It was quite a job since I had to go to their house (wherever that is but fortunately located in good and accessible areas) and teach for an hour or two. The question of why I did not work for a company or find a more stable job at that time given that I am a college graduate nagged me for sometime coming from friends and family members. I couldn’t give a sufficient explanation to satisfy my family’s worry, or for some others, just their mere curiosity, because all I had looking back was my desire to immerse myself in the Korean culture, learn more about anything Korean! Working as a teacher to Koreans is very, VERY far from my degree but you see, I was that passionate for the language and culture of Korea at that time.

In 2013, I went back to my hometown and their I got employed in a Korean school where I primarily taught high school Economics.

2013-06-15 08.24.44

May it be one-on-one, house-to-house English teaching or class teaching to Koreans, it is fun but is also very challenging!


  1. The Time and Transportation – Koreans are very particular and strict with time and having to go to their house with the transportation jungle of the Philippines could be very challenging. I experienced this 3 years ago when the traffic, MRT-LRT lanes are much tolerable. So to those who are in this business of teaching Koreans nowadays, I salute you!
  2. The Subjects to be taught in English to a beginner Student – Sometimes, teaching Koreans may require knowing how to speak and understand Korean, too! For the younger ones, their parents usually requires more than 2 hours of study on several subjects at school. It’s really difficult to explain Economics to a student who barely understands English.  I was so glad I self-studied Korean and freed myself from quite a lot of headache. Indeed, there was a reason for the passion!
  3. Rude Remarks –  My high school students in a Korean school were really challenging (but of course, I love them). When it comes to class, some of my Korean students won’t participate and won’t even say a single word the entire hour no matter how hard you try! But you need to continue and teach. Some are also rude and inconsiderate, but then again, you have to stay calm and kind but also being firm in your authority as a teacher. Once you get to their heart, I can guarantee you’ll have a fun and memorable times with them just as I did!
  4. Wearing different hats at the same time In relation to #3, as a teacher, I had to deal not just their academics but even their personal lives. I had to be a teacher, a counselor and a friend. Maybe they were what I described in #3 because there is something else going on, especially in the case of my students who I understand a lot because they are living far away from home.

I believe there are a lot more challenges which I may have forgotten for it has been quite a long time since I taught Koreans (I’m now in a totally different career direction haha) and I would like to hear from your own experience, too! What are the challenges you faced?

2013-06-15 08.25.15

Re-connecting to the K-world!

As the title obviously suggests, I am re-connecting to the K-world!

I have been out for soooo long I could barely remember I have this site (It’s been more that a year since my last update). Oh, I apologize to all who follow this blog and for myself who forgot her “Korean and multi-lingual dreams”, which was seemingly covered by all the things brought by something we call “life”. Yes, life happened and I guess, the rest is now history.

Moving on. I’m back and would like to say 안녕하세요, 여러분! Oh, I’m so glad I could still write that! I hope to not just reconnect to the Korean language but to this blog and my k-blog friends as well.

So with this post, I’d like to invite everyone to leave a comment, say Hi, ask a question or just anything to fire me up and continue this Korean Journey with all of you^^ Make sure to link your blog so I could visit and follow, too!

Have a nice day and hope to meet you somewhere in this big K-world!

Life as an English Teacher to Korean Students

When I graduated from college I worked in a bank and was…lonely. You know, it was the this-job-is-not-for-me or the it’s-good-but-I-am-not-happy phase, typical for a fresh graduate like me then. After a lot of thinking and praying, I decided to just go back to my hometown and here I found a job very close to my heart — teaching + Korean. Now that I’m no longer there and since I am trying to revive this site, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to look back and share my experience.

At first it was quite difficult. I thought they would never like me as a teacher or even as a friend. But I was wrong. I got to know them as days passed, weeks, months, and we were able to bond together during class or during our days off! Oh those days…

I learned more about there culture and language (especially when the student is really an English beginner and I had to translate in Korean so that we can move forward in our discussion otherwise, we’ll be stuck!). I’m just so glad I learned Korean before I got this job. Haha

So here’s a peek into my life as an English Teacher to Korean Students…


With our girls. Oh, I miss them!



The 3rd year students ^^


My love… my lovely student ^^

Is there anything you want to know about my experience in teaching English to Koreans? Or just anything… drop a comment, and let me know! 안녕~


자기소개하자! (Let’s introduce ourselves!)

Hi everyone! Oh~ it’s June already. Time flies…

And I realized it has been years since I started studying Korean…then stopped… studied again… stopped, and now I’m back! (I will tell you soon on another update what pushed me to Kstudy again).

It’s been one whole year since I checked this blog and though I’ve gone MIA for soooo long, I saw that I’ve gained blog followers (thank you so much, you don’t know how much you’ve made me happy haha). WOW. I think that’s one of the reason why I’m back^^ ㅋㅋㅋ And because of that, I wanna meet all of you guys — virtually of course!

It’s the start of the month, so why don’t we start making new friends! Let’s introduce ourselves. You can do it in Korean — in hangeul or romanized — or you can simply do it in English. Who knows, you might gain a friend or two who will Kstudy with you. Right?

Let me start then..

안녕하세요! 저는 Katharine이에요. 제 한국 이름은 수정이고요. 저는 한국어를 오랫동안 공부했지만 과거 1~2년 동안 안 했었어요. 그래서 아는 문법이나 단어를 다 잊어버린 것 같아요. 이제 다시 공부하기로 했으니까 여러분 만나고 싶고 같이 공부하고 싶어요.

Translation: Hi! I’m Katharine. My Korean name is Soo-Jeong. Though I have studied Korean for a long time, I stopped for the past 1-2 years. Because of that, I already forgot a lot of the grammar rules or words I’ve once known. This time, I have decided to study again so I want to meet everyone and study together with you guys.


I’ll be waiting…기다릴게용~

다시 돌아왔다! (I’m back!)

Hello everyone!

I know. I know. I have been MIA for A YEAR! I have neglected this blog and my love for the Korean language :( My transition from college to the “real life” has been quite difficult and that explains it all.

But anyway, I’m back! This blog will be alive again so stay tuned for more Korean book reviews and updates!

Can I hear some cheer? ㅎㅎㅎ

일기 쓰기


We just started korean lessons for the teachers here at work. But since they are starting on the very basic stuff and I’m doing the intermediate level, the teacher gave me a special homework instead. Tsk ;)

Liebster Award Nomination

So I just got back from a 7-month hiatus and got some comments about being nominated for the Liebster award. I don’t know if this is still on but imma do it anyway! haha

Here we go.

11 Random Facts About Yourself

1. I don’t really like the color pink.

2. I usually hang out in a coffee shop and read a book for hours.

3. My favorite milk tea place is Gong Cha.

4. I hate lizards. (yuck!)

5. I love shoes!

6. I have three older brothers. I am the youngest and only girl ^^

7. I knew Shanna, Dia and Jeannie via korean blogging almost 4 years ago.

8. My favorite Korean variety shows are Running Man and We Got Married.

9. I have been to 6 different countries.

10. I have been a fan of Super Junior since their debut. My bias is Lee Dong Hae.

11. I am a Christian. I love God (even more than all these Korean craziness haha)

I’ll answer bluehanbok’s questions:

1. Milk, tea or coffee? – coffee

2. Would you like to marry a Korean? – doesn’t matter. I just want to marry the one God has destined for me whatever nationality he may have.

3. If you were to visit Korea, in what city or what place do you want to go first? – Seoul

4. Complete the sentence: 10 years from now, I ____________________________. – will be fluent in Korean. hahaha

5. What do you do during your free time? – I usually study Korean of play guitar/piano during my free time.


1. bluehanbok

2. noshortcutstokorean

3. meloncreme

4. sayseoul

5. gamcho


1. What is your favorite kdrama?

2. What is your favorite kpop group?

3. Why did you study korean?

4. How do you kstudy?

5.What advise can you give to new korean learners?