Liebster Award Nomination

So I just got back from a 7-month hiatus and got some comments about being nominated for the Liebster award. I don’t know if this is still on but imma do it anyway! haha

Here we go.

11 Random Facts About Yourself

1. I don’t really like the color pink.

2. I usually hang out in a coffee shop and read a book for hours.

3. My favorite milk tea place is Gong Cha.

4. I hate lizards. (yuck!)

5. I love shoes!

6. I have three older brothers. I am the youngest and only girl ^^

7. I knew Shanna, Dia and Jeannie via korean blogging almost 4 years ago.

8. My favorite Korean variety shows are Running Man and We Got Married.

9. I have been to 6 different countries.

10. I have been a fan of Super Junior since their debut. My bias is Lee Dong Hae.

11. I am a Christian. I love God (even more than all these Korean craziness haha)

I’ll answer bluehanbok’s questions:

1. Milk, tea or coffee? coffee

2. Would you like to marry a Korean? doesn’t matter. I just want to marry the one God has destined for me whatever nationality he may have.

3. If you were to visit Korea, in what city or what place do you want to go first? - Seoul

4. Complete the sentence: 10 years from now, I ____________________________. - will be fluent in Korean. hahaha

5. What do you do during your free time? – I usually study Korean of play guitar/piano during my free time.


1. bluehanbok

2. noshortcutstokorean

3. meloncreme

4. sayseoul

5. gamcho


1. What is your favorite kdrama?

2. What is your favorite kpop group?

3. Why did you study korean?

4. How do you kstudy?

5.What advise can you give to new korean learners?


Hello korean blogworld! I am back!

It has been 7 months since I last posted something in here. It’s the longest hiatus I’ve ever had not only in blogging but also in studying Korean. So much has happened here, people nominating me for Liebster Award (can anyone tell me if it’s still ongoing? haha), comments flooding, and more Korean learners have subscribed. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it. I apologize for the lack of updates. It has been such a busy season for me. After coming home from Vietnam, I worked in Manila for a few months, and I have now moved back to my hometown — in Davao City, Phils.

Because of everything that has happened which got me really confused on which path to take, I have almost given up my “Korean dreams” but who would have thought God would put me in a place where my love for Korea(n) will be put into good use. Finally! I am now working in a Korean institution. I JUST LOVE IT! I am able to apply what I have learned for years. Indeed, there’s a reason for everything!

Anyway, I have replied to all comments (sorry it took so long^^). Stay tuned for more updates, lessons, book reviews and fun stuff! Does anyone have any suggestions for activities that you would like me to blog about (drama, song translations,etc)?


Kstudying outside our physical comfort zone


Sometimes staying at home makes me so unproductive. I always end up just being a bum all day watching movies, surfing the internet, and doing other stuff. I tend to really neglect studying Korean at home since there are other things I can or need to do so my kstudy materials had to sit and wait and end up forgotten at the end of the day. Haha.

In studying a language, there will always be days like we feel too lazy to study. In my case, it’s happening frequently the past couple of days and I knew I needed to do something if I want to reach my goals for the language. I needed to step out of my physical comfort zone – my own home!

So today, I decided to go out and head to a coffee shop to study. Maybe sometimes we really need to have a different environment to concentrate. An environment outside our comfort zone where there’s always a force pulling us to our bed or computers! ^^

Of course, there’s also a downside on this method in building and keeping our study habits. It requires money! It is quite expensive always studying in a coffee shop or somewhere else outside our home but I look at it as an investment for something I love to do. I know it’ll be worth it!

I just hope I’d be comfortable to study at home again to lessen my expenses. Haha


Finally, after a long wait. Here’s my book review on Yonsei Korean 2. Sorry for the delay^^

I have been using Yonsei Korean 2 for the past month and though it’s simply a brush on the basics on my part, I still find it interesting and fun to work on especially because I need to improve mostly on my vocabulary scope these days. Haha

Yonsei Korean 2 is a two-part textbook and includes 2 audio CDs for the listening exercises. There are 10 Chapters (5 in each book) which covers different topics such as introductions, transportation, food, market, etc. Since this is the level 2 of the Yonsei Korean Series, I find it appropriate that it only includes topics useful for our daily encounters and provides related vocabs.

Each chapter is further divided into 5 parts and each part introduces new grammar points and vocabulary related to the topic on that chapter.

Contents Map

It starts with a listening exercise (with transcription for reading) on a  conversation going on between 2 characters followed by vocabulary/expression related on the topic.


Then it moves on to some exercises where you can practice the new grammar points. This is where it’s a bit of a hassle (at least for me). The grammar is introduced on the latter part of each chapter so what I do is, I first go to that part where the grammar is and go back to the beginning of the chapter so that I can incorporate the grammar use throughout the exercises.

Grammar Exercises

The grammar points are explained in English. If that grammar has many usages (e.g. ~ㄴ/는데, ~아/어/여 서), this book introduces it separately, one usage per part. It also provides sample sentences with English translations.

Conversation translation in English and the grammar points

The fifth part of each chapter is dedicated for a quick review/summary on what you’ve learned from that entire chapter. It includes pronunciation exercises, grammar, reading, etc.

Good points:

  • Beginner-friendly as it has English translations!
  • Introduces and explains the basic grammar points clearly (in English)
  • Topics are very relevant to everyday life which also Includes useful vocabulary
  • Contents map for easy navigation if you want to review a grammar or chapter
  • Conversation on the first part provides useful expressions
  • Fun grammar exercises
  • Pretty photos!

Areas for Improvement/Weak points:

  • No answers provided for the exercises
  • Some exercises are meant for 2 people or for groups (for a self-studying person’s point of view, this is not much appreciated)

Recommended for self-study?

I’m definitely loving this book for self studying as it introduces useful vocabulary and grammar. However, the Yonsei Korean Series are not made especially for self-studying but for classroom use. I believe this is what they use in Yonsei KLI so that explains why some exercises are meant for groups or for having a partner to do it with. But on most parts, you can certainly survive and have fun on your own^^

Over all, I do recommend Yonsei Korean 2 for beginners on the language.

Additional Information:

ISBN: 978-89-7141-800-0

Price: KRW 30, 000 / USD 28.30 (Seoul Selection)

You can also read my related post on how to order from Seoul Selection HERE and a site review HERE.

If you have this book, let me know what you think! :)

You’re studying Korean? *glares* *laughs*

I’ve had my share of glares and offensive stares or chuckles from people who finds out that I’ve been studying Korean. Some people think it’s weird and for others it’s plainly a fad, a waste of time, or that it’s jologs.

Whenever I get these reactions from friends, I simply shake it off and smile. I know what I want to do, what my goals are in learning the language and why I’m studying Korean. I guess that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

Nowadays, Korean businesses and other related stuff are really big in the market. When I was jobhunting, I came across a lot of job opportunities for Korean translators, Korean speaking (bilingual) research analysts, among others. My skills aren’t enough yet to qualify on those positions but while waiting for my job, I did get into some freelance translations and teaching. Now that I am somehow feeling and even experiencing the results of studying Korean for more than 2 years, it’s one of the best feelings ever! It’s paying off and I believe I’m not even there yet, I’m not even half way there! I can’t wait to improve myself on this field and see what’s in store for me^^


Juggling work and kstudy


Okay, so it’s quite late now but I’m still up to review the past chapters of Yonsei Korean 2 which I already finished a few weeks ago. I will be having a regular job soon (hopefully yay!) and been very busy with some family events so I kinda shove these books off for a while. So I had to review some of it first before moving on.

I’ve finally made a study plan (inspired by my friend Dia of My Korean Corner) and I hope I’d be disciplined enough to stick to it and finish my materials on or before my target date. Can I hear a cheer? hahaha

Anyway, sorry for the lack of decent posts but will be publishing book and app reviews soon!

Also, I’m back on my naver blog where I’ll attempt to write my thoughts in Korean…again ^^

Update and another motivation to Kstudy

Hello! First off, I apologize for the lack of updates for over a month. I’m back in Manila from Hanoi and I guess, I’d be staying here for now.

So for the past month, I have been jobhunting and of course kstudying! So much time for self-studying Korean but there’s also so much temptation to just slack off.

I am now using Yonsei Korean 2. Basically just a review on some basic grammar points for me but I realized my need to develop my vocabulary scope so I find the material very useful and fun to go through as I pick up new words.

(Will definitely write a full book review next time.)

imageAnyway, while I was looking for a job, I always come upon companies in need of Korean translators or Korean-speaking Staff. WOW. Indeed, this language industry is becoming big, or so atleast in our country, which of course motivated me to take this k-studying a lot more seriously. I’m not studying this for pure fun now, I’m studying for a purpose and I sure hope that I will be able to pursue a career where I can use this skill. ^^ Oh well, somedayyyy!

Off to study now. How about you? :)

A break within a break.

I ‘m finally back in Pinas after 4 months of staying in Hanoi after graduation. I’m in a break within a break. Haha. Well, I’m not back for good though. I’d still be going back to Hanoi…maybe. Depends on how things go.

Anyway, for the past few days, I’ve just been spending time with my family and catch up with some friends. Everyone wants a “date” and I’m really trying to find time (and budget?haha) for them. These relationships/friendships are worth it. I always make sure to invest in them. So looks like, I’m gonna be busy for the next 2 weeks.

Yesterday, I was my 10-month old nephew’s nanny for the entire day. But for today, it’s my day-off! I’ll get to kstudy. Yay! I’m now using Yonsei Korean 2 which I purchased last week. So far so good, Will definitely post a review as soon as I have time.

Finally got my Korean books! (w/ Seoul Selection Review)

The books I ordered from Seoul Selection finally arrived!

I was totally stoked about this. It was actually quite a mix of panic and excitement because I will be flying to Manila this weekend and if this package does not arrive before I go, there’ll be no one at home to receive it. Good thing, I can track my order! (Review and some tips for Seoul Selection at the end of this post)

Last night, I tried to call the EMS office here in Hanoi but the operator hung up when I asked if they can speak English. So this morning, I emailed Seoul Selection to get the tracking number, called the EMS office again and finally got to talk to someone who speaks English. They gave me the contact number of the office responsible for the delivery of my package to my house and when I called, the kind lady said she’ll have my package delivered ASAP tomorrow after she checks it for some customs thing.

I was expecting it to arrive tomorrow but it actually arrived this afternoon! Yay!

Seoul Selection via EMS Delivery

Seoul Selection via EMS Delivery

So here they are!

The Yonsei Korean books are bigger than what I expected. And quite heavy, too. LOL But they’re so pretty and glossy! haha. Browsed each of ‘em a little and I’m totally satisfied. Can’t wait to embark my 3rd year in learning Korean with this books as my companions. ㅋㅋㅋ

Like what I’ve discussed with my friend before, Yonsei 2 is more of the basics and though I’m past this level, I decided to include it since I really want to brush up on my Korean foundations. It’s totally no use to go on without totally building up strong foundations on the language.

Anyway, will write another post for the book reviews!

Yonsei Korean 2 and 4; Yonsei Korean Grammar for International Learners

Seoul Selection Review (this is only based on my experience with SS):

Good points: 

  • prompt email response (they really do reply to any queries)
  • relatively cheap shipping cost compared to others
  • accurate number of days for delivery as indicated in their site (mine was 2-4 days)
  • visually, I like their website, it’s clean and and easy to navigate

Areas for Improvement:

  • FAQs/Help page on their website


  • If you chose the delivery which you can track, you might want to email/ask Seoul Selection for the tracking number.

And oh, I got some freebies from Seoul Selection. Awesome!